Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aishwarya rai Elie Saab couture gown Cannes 2011 red carpet

Aishwarya rai on opening day of 64th Cannes film festival 2011 wearing Elie saab couture gown .

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twitter used by Wikileaks for documents release

Wikileaks had used Twitter for informing the followers and subscribers where documents will be availble,update of release was given right from the DoS attack by its opponents,due to which official website was hacked,which resulted in releasing the documents in parts on Guardian and ElPais sites , adressed on its Twitter page.Wkileaks decided to release on sunday 28/11/2010 without delay what may come.

Wikileaks released on Guardian despite DOS attack

None could stop Wikileaks from publishing as scheduled on Sunday 28/11/2010.High profile Drama is in action in Media.Though the Wikileaks site was hacked by its opponents by Denial of Service(DOS)Attack,which was reported on the site and also on Twitter ;Wikileaks made a quick statement on twitter that it would be published on Gaurdian,NYT,El Pais,Le MONDE,Spiegel .next hour or so, part of documents were released on Gaurdian & El Pais sites ,and also included DER Spigel cover .

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Terrible Experience

Most of them may have this experience often in years,but this is my first experience ,my car today suddenly came to abrupt halt,at 12.00 pm ,my prepaid phone has no recharge,and i couldnt recharge as there were no shops open around,looked for some car repair bloke,found one easily and ransom of 200 was demanded without knowing what the problem was ,i had 110 in pocket,0 elsewhere,fellow was stubborn ,i couldnt beg him,then happened to see police on bike passing by ,asked for help,got a "no" ,i couldnt believe that happened,it was a shock that i couldnt recover but thrown into fear,no hope for good sign,i had to acompany my car,by the time i came near to my car,a bloke on a bike was looking at the car,after me approaching the car ,came to me and introduced himself as Mechanic ,took a good look at the engine later showed a blank face that no immediate solution or remedy,but suggested that he would tow my car home with his friend's car,me agreeing for 300 ,called him,after 20 mins,car was towed home with a van ,it was a jerky ride,but the fellow demanded more ,it was helpless situation ,that some how i satisfied him ,xx0.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manmohan :i am sorry for Mumbai attacks

how many times a Prime minister says sorry to the nation,i think ManMohan is the only P.M who is always sorry ,such weak administration,i think its enough of the sorrys he had told.he is not shameful about saying sorry.lets not have such P.M in future.

Rahul gandhi reminds of Bush

Today i had the pleasure to watch Loksabha speeches on Mumbai blasts,the only ugly duckling who looks to be a twin of Bush,i am talking about Rahul Gandhi's was one of the blank speech where he used only words that had the chaos that Bush normally does in his Speeches.i dont know how congress is trying to make this man the front runner for next Prime minister.he uses the word "ordinary Indians" i dont know how many type of indians are there in his mind,but i feel we indians are all same,we dont have the types like "extraordinary","special " indians,security is for all indians.this reminds me of Sarah Palin saying the word"Pro-Americans" .dumb and dumber words are vomited,i dont know why Rahul is so bland, though his predecessors gave great speeches,but Rahul lacks that ,he needs some home work .

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai Shot , Bombed & massacred

It was again the devil that has plunged into mumbai leaving horrible and worse human massacre ,by anti-social elements terrorizing the nation with thier existence,making every part of india insecured .its a henious act of bararic and ruthless people .9 places were targetted,60 already dead more than 200 peolple hurt and many more to be rescued.